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Promise (I'll Be)

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Limited Edition A Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Promise (I'll be) -Japanese ver.-
Catalog Number
ESCL-4739/4740 (Limited Edition A)
ESCL-4741 (Limited Edition B (Jun.K))
ESCL-4742 (Limited Edition C (Nichkhun))
ESCL-4743 (Limited Edition D (Taecyeon))
ESCL-4744 (Limited Edition E (Wooyoung))
ESCL-4745 (Limited Edition F (Junho))
ESCL-4746 (Limited Edition G (Chansung))
ESCL-4747 (Regular Edition)
¥2,100 (Limited Edition A)
¥1,800 (Limited Editions B-G)
¥1,500 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Promise (I'll be) -Japanese ver.-
  2. WOW
  3. Mayday
  4. Promise (I'll be) -Japanese ver.- without main vocal- (Limited Editions B-G)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Promise (I'll be) -Japanese ver.- MV
  2. Promise (I'll be) -Japanese ver.- (Making Movie)


"Promise (I'll be)" is a song recorded by 2PM. It can be found as track #1 on their sixth Korean album Gentlemen's Game.

The song was later used as 2PM's eleventh single in Japan. It was released in eight editions: a limited CD+DVD edition (A), six limited CD only member editions (B-G), and a regular CD only edition. All editions come with a random trading card (one of 22). The member editions include different member logo stamp sticker.

Limited CD Only Member Editions covers

Limited Edition B (Jun.K) Cover
Limited Edition C (Nichkhun) Cover
Limited Edition D (Taecyeon) Cover
Limited Edition E (Wooyoung) Cover
Limited Edition F (Junho) Cover
Limited Edition G (Chansung) Cover

Song Information

Taecyeon, Lesley Chiang, Raphael
Taecyeon, Lesley Chiang, Raphael
Other Information
Arrangement: Raphael


There are currently three versions of "Promise (I'll be)" to be found in 2PM's discography.

Promise (I'll Be)
Found on Gentlemen's Game album as track #1. This is the Korean main version.
Promise (I'll be)
Found on Promise (I'll be) single as track #1. This is the Japanese main version.
Promise (I'll be) -Japanese ver.- without main vocal-
Found on Promise (I'll be) single as track #4 (limited edition B~G only). This is the instrumental version.
Promise (I'll be) Taecyeon ver.
Found on Winter Hitori album as track #13 (limited edition b bonus track). This version is sung only by the member Taecyeon.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 2 2 2 3 2 1 2 99,305
27 - - - - - - 67 1,168
- - - - - - - 143 372
- - - - - - - 187 261
Year Month Month Rank Sales
2016 October 7 99,305

Total Reported Sales: 101,106 (#61 Single of the Year)

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