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Second (Midori album)

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Album Cover
Record Cover
Second (セカンド♥)
Catalog Number
XQBU-1001 (CD)
CPAR-2004 (Vinyl)
¥2,100 (CD)
¥2,500 (Vinyl)
  1. Doping☆Noise Noise Kiss (ドーピング☆ノイズノイズキッス)
  2. Uwasa no Ano Ko (うわさのあの子; That Child of Rumor)
  3. Kyo wa Kareshi ga Inai Kara... (今日は彼氏がいないから…; Because Today I Have No Boyfriend...)
  4. Koe wo Kikitai no Desu ka, Kikoenai no Desu (声を聞きたいのですが、聞こえないのです; I Don't Hear It, But I Want to Hear Your Voice)
  5. Atashi no Outa (あたしのお歌; My Song)
  6. Gokui de Samba (獄衣deサンバ; Samba in Prison Clothes)
  7. Ai no Uta (愛のうた; Love Song)
  8. Anta wa Dare ya (あんたは誰や; Who Are You)
  9. Tokai no Nioi. (都会のにおい。; City Smell)


Second♥ is the second studio album and first full-length album released by Midori. The album was released in two editions: a CD edition and a vinyl record edition released through CIACADA PEAKS records. This is the band's second and last indie release as they signed with Sony Music Associated Records later in the year and released their third album, Shimizu in November. The album reached #98 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of five weeks.

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