Superfly – Wildflower & Cover Songs: Complete Best 'Track 3'


    “Wildflower & Cover Songs:Complete Best ‘TRACK 3’ ” is the tenth single released by Superfly. The first disc contains four original songs. Track one, “Wildflower“, has been used for the drama GOLD; the second track was the World Cup Theme which was earlier released on Chaku-Uta cell downloads and the third track was used as the commercial song for Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot Phones. The second disc of the release is a best cover album. The songs included are all covers of western songs, with three of the fifteen tracks being brand new. Among the new tracks will be Rod Stewart’s “Fooled Around and Fell In Love“, Carole King’s “Natural Woman” and Rolling Stone’s “Bitch“. “Bitch” is a collaboration with Kuharakazuyuki (from The Birthday), Tabu Zombie and Motoharu (from SOIL &
    amp; ‘pimp’ SESSIONS
    ). The first pressing edition release comes with an 8cm single of “Roll Over the Rainbow” in an acoustic version.

    Catalog Number
    WPCL-10855/57 (2CD+Bonus CD)
    WPCL-10858/59 (2CD)
    ¥2,900 (2CD+Bonus CD)
    ¥2,800 (2CD)
    • DISC 1
    1. Wildflower
    2. Tamashii Revolution (タマシイレボリューション)
    3. Free Planet
    4. Roll Over The Rainbow
    • DISC 2
    1. Fooled Around and Fell In Love
    2. Natural Woman
    3. Hot ‘N’ Nasty
    4. (Please Not) One More Time
    5. Rhiannon
    6. Honky Tonk Women [Live]
    7. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown [Live]
    8. Heart Of Gold [Live]
    9. Desperado [Live]
    10. My Brother Jake
    11. Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo
    12. Late For The Sky
    13. Piece Of My Heart [Live]
    14. Bitch
    15. The Water is Wide
    • DISC 3 (First Pressing Edition)
    1. Fooled Around and Fell In Love ~acoustic ver.~

      From the JS! Wiki

      “Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa” is the eighth single released by Kalafina. The title track will be used as the insert song for the anime Kuroshitsuji II.


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