Elva Hsiao – Hsiao Sa Xiao Jie


    Hsiao Sa Xiao Jie is the eleventh album released by Elva Hsiao and her third after returning to Virgin Records. The 1st edition of the album comes packaged with a bonus photobook, while the 2nd edition comes with waterproof eyeliner. The official CD+DVD edition comes with a bonus DVD and a pink bracelet.

    CD Tracklist
    1. Hsiao Sa Xiao Jie (蕭灑小姐; Miss Elva)
    2. Kuang Xiang Qu (狂想曲; Rhapsody)
    3. Cuo De Ren (錯的人; Wrong Person)
    4. Rang Ai Fei Qi Lai (讓愛飛起來; Let Love Fly)
    5. Shuang Nian Nu Shen (雙面女神; Two-Faced Goddess)
    6. Da Shuo Huang Jia (大說謊家; Mr. Liar)
    7. Meng Jing Yi (夢境一; Scenario One)
    8. Wan Xiao (玩笑; Joke)
    9. Bao Jin Ni (抱緊你; Hold Me Tight)
    10. Shou Shou Shou Shou (Meng Jing Er) (瘦瘦瘦瘦 (夢境二); Thin Thin Thin Thin (Scenario Two))
    11. Wan Zheng Wo Intro (完整我Intro; Complete Me Intro)
    DVD Tracklist
    1. Hsiao Sa Xiao Jie (HD MV)
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