Bye Bye Sea – City Complex


Released 2010.11.16

City Complex is Bye Bye Sea‘s first full album. Two songs from their debut mini-album were included on the album, “Nae Mami Mareul Hae” and “Byeol Bichi Naerinda“, while the last was used as lead track for the mini-album “Nae Mami Mareul Hae” was used as lead track for City Complex. The song “Cheonghon” was used as insert song for the drama Playful Kiss.

  1. Never Stop
  2. Nae Mami Mareul Hae (Reprise) (내 맘이 말을 해; Talk About My Heart)
  3. Chang Bakkeun Pyeonghwaroun Siktag (창 밖은 평화로운 식탁; Outside the Window Is a Peaceful Table)
  4. You & Me
  5. Oneuldo Saenggagi Naneyo (오늘도 생각이 나네요; I Remember It Again Today)
  6. Cheonghon (청혼; Proposal)
  7. Fight Club
  8. Byeol Bichi Naerinda (별 빛이 내린다; Starlight Fall)
  9. Nunmulbada (눈물바다; Sea of Tears)
  10. Liar
  11. Begaereul Jeoksida (베개를 적시다; Wet My Pillow)
  12. City Complex
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