Matsuyama Kenichi, Ninomiya Kazunari to attend “GANTZ” stage greetings on same day in U.S. and Japan


At a special event for the live-action GANTZ movie held on Monday, it was announced that co-stars Matsuyama Kenichi and Ninomiya Kazunari will do stage greetings for the movie in Japan and the United States on the same day, January 20. This will be a first for the industry.

On the morning of January 20, they will first attend a stage greeting at a theater in Roppongi. After that, they will take a plane to Los Angeles, where they will attend a stage greeting on the night of January 20 at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. As previously announced, that event in Hollywood is for the official world premiere of the film, and Matsuyama and Ninomiya’s stage greeting will be relayed live to more than 330 other theaters across the United States that are also screening the movie.

The GANTZ movie officially opens in Japan more than a week later on January 29. The sequel is slated to premiere on April 23.

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