Idol group PASSPO announces major label debut, world tour


The 10-member idol unit PASSPO☆ held an event on Sunday to commemorate their upcoming major label debut. The cabin attendant-themed group will release a single called “Shoujo Hikou” on April 6 under the Universal J record label.

In addition to the single, PASSPO☆ announced that they will do a world tour later this year that includes the U.S. and some Asian countries.

Leader Ai Negishi (18) remarked that they hope to one day share the same stage as Korean group Shoujo Jidai, who are also signed with Universal.

The group started in January 2009 and has so far released four singles and one album. Their travel theme extends to their live events, and they have introduced a passport system through which fans can earn “mileage points” for participating in events.


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