Nagasawa Masami to star in “Okujo no Aru Apato”


TBS plans to broadcast a drama special titled “Okujo no Aru Apato” (“apartment with a rooftop”) on March 21, starring actress Nagasawa Masami (23).

The story was originally a novel by Agawa Sawako, modeled after her experiences while she was living in an apartment in the United States. For the drama, the novel was adapted by screenwriter Yoshida Noriko (“Hanamizuki,” “Nada Sousou“).
Nagasawa plays a single 27-year-old woman named Asako, who begins working at an advertising firm after her previous company goes bankrupt. The drama focuses on this turning point in her life, as she deals with unemployment, job-hunting, and independence. The show’s title refers to the apartment where Asako begins living on her own, surrounded by odd neighbors.

There is also said to be an element of romance between her and two older men, a company president played by Yoshida Eisaku (42) and an employee at a foreign company played by Kato Haruhiko (35).



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