Shirota Yu to make singing debut as “U”


Actor Shirota Yu (25) is set to make his debut as a singer this spring. He will go by the artist name U, and on May 4 he will release the self-titled single “U” under record label Avex.

Shirota himself composed and wrote the three songs on the single, which are R&B tunes titled “Sisyphus,” “Heart of glass,” and “U.”

Shirota began playing the keyboard during elementary school due to his older sister’s influence. Since his early teens, he had had an interest in creating his own songs, and he has now finally achieved that goal.

The songs are said to already be available digitally in 19 countries in Europe. In Japan, “Sisyphus” will be available as a chaku-uta ringtone starting on February 23, and Shirota will perform at an event scheduled on February 28 in Kawasaki.

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