NHK Asadora “Teppan” finishes at 17.2% average


The NHK morning drama seriesTeppan,” starring Takimoto Miori (19), finished airing on Saturday, April 2nd. Viewership data released on Monday reveals that the final episode achieved 22.0% ratings in the Kanto region, and 17.5% ratings in the Kansai region. Overall, the series averaged 17.2% (Kanto) and 16.2% (Kansai) over its 6-month run.

Compared to the highly popular “Gegege no Nyoubou” series that preceded it, the “Teppan” average was 1.4 percentage points lower (from 18.6%) in the Kanto area, though it was actually 0.3 points higher (from 15.9%) in the Kansai area.

Because of the earthquake, NHK suspended broadcasts of “Teppan” on March 12, but they resumed on March 19. On March 23, the series reached its highest ratings of 23.6% in the Kanto region, tying it with the ratings peak of “Gegege no Nyoubou.”

Out of the 20 NHK morning dramas of the past decade, “Teppan” achieved the 11th highest Kanto average. Counting only the 10 dramas in the past five years, “Teppan” is 4th.

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