Shirota Yu, Katase Nana, Abe Natsumi added to “Arakawa Under the Bridge”


Several more cast members have been revealed for the live-action “Arakawa Under the Bridge” project. Co-stars Hayashi Kento and Kiritani Mirei are being joined by Shirota Yu, Katase Nana, and Abe Natsumi, playing the parts of Sister, Maria, and P-ko, respectively.

As previously announced, the comedy manga “Arakawa Under the Bridge” by Nakamura Hikaru is being turned into a live-action film and a television drama, featuring the same cast. Hayashi plays the young man known as Riku, while Kiritani plays the strange girl Nino who saves his life and causes him to live with her in her makeshift home under a bridge in Tokyo’s Arakawa district.

The other characters in the story include Sister (Shirota), a man who dresses like a nun but always carries a gun; Maria (Katase), a beautiful but sadistic woman; and P-ko (Abe), a dangerously clumsy girl.

The drama series will be broadcast first by MBS and TBS in a late-night time slot this summer. Sony Pictures Entertainment will release the film in theaters in spring 2012.

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  1. I loveeeeddd this anime!! Those other characters are so perfect for their roles, i’m seriously excited for this!

    It looks to be good! šŸ˜€


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