Ando Yuko cancels concerts due to pregnancy


The management of singer Ando Yuko (34) announced on her website that she is canceling four upcoming concerts, but the company also delivered some happy news: she is currently expecting her first child.

Ando is in the middle of a nationwide acoustic tour that started on May 7. According to her management, the tour was initially decided due to Ando’s strong desire to sing. Although her health was stable at first, she became ill after her concert in Saga on May 22. Because of that, her management decided to halt four concerts scheduled for May 28 (Gifu), May 29 (Ishikawa), June 11 (Ehime), and June 12 (Hiroshima).

Ando’s other two concerts in Ibaraki on June 4 and Tokyo on June 19 are still currently planned to proceed, since those will apparently not pose much of a physical burden in her current situation.

Her management has not offered any other details about her pregnancy, such as when the child is due or whether Ando is now married.

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