Aragaki Yui stars in Fuji TV’s next “Getsu 9” with Nishikido Ryo


Aragaki Yui (22) will star in Fuji TV’s next Monday night drama series, tentatively titled “Zenkai Girl.” The show is described as a romantic comedy with NEWS member Nishikido Ryo (26).

“Zenkai Girl” is the first time that Aragaki is playing the main character in a television series, though she has previously had several roles as major secondary characters. In the series, she plays Wakaba, an ambitious international lawyer with dreams of rising to the top. After finding a job at a law office, her boss (Yakushimaru Hiroko) gives her an unexpected assignment: to take care of the boss’s 5-year-old daughter.

Wakaba is eager to do the task well in order to advance her career. While taking the girl to nursery school, she encounters a young man (Nishikido) who is raising a son after being divorced from his wife. As they both struggle in watching over the kids, love gradually blossoms between them.

Hirayama Hiroyuki (33) and Renbutsu Misako (20) will also appear in the show. Filming begins in early June, and the series will start in July in Fuji TV’s Monday 9:00pm time slot.

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