Leader Inui Yoko to leave Nakano Fujo Sisters


Image from: Official website

On Saturday, idol group Nakano Fujo Sisters announced during their concert that leader Inui Yoko is going to graduate from the group on July 16. Since this is her 5th year in the group and she recently turned 30 years old, she decided to move on.

Inui indicated that she is not leaving show business entirely. She declared that she has a dream that she wants to challenge on her own, though she did not specify what her plans are. She asked for her fans to continue supporting her in her new endeavor.

Nakano Fujo Sisters (also known as Nakano Fujoshi Sisters) are a 7-member group that launched in 2006. In 2008, they also began performing as the alter-ego Fudanjuku, whose concept involves the members dressing up as male students at a fictional cram school.

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