Romance rumor: Perfume’s A~chan, ONE OK ROCK’s Taka


The latest issue of Josei Seven hints that Perfume member Nishiwaki Ayaka (22), also known as A~chan, and ONE OK ROCK vocalist Taka (23) may be in a romantic relationship.

The magazine says that in late July, A~chan took a taxi late at night to Taka’s apartment building, and she was seen wearing a hat and mask to conceal her identity as she entered. She went into Taka’s apartment and turned on the lights, and Taka arrived shortly after that. However, a little later, they were joined by a friend, and A~chan and the friend stayed there until past 5:00am.

A neighborhood resident claims that A~chan has been frequently seen there lately. “She is always hiding her face with a hat and mask, so she actually stands out even more. It seems that she has a spare key, so she freely goes in and out by herself whether it’s early in the morning or late at night.”

Their management agency, Amuse, states that the two are just good friends, but denies that they are dating or that A~chan keeps a spare key. According to the company, on the night in question Taka’s throat was in poor condition, so A~chan went to drop off some medicine.

A mutual friend was quoted in the magazine’s article, saying that the two get along well because they belong to the same agency and are close in age. Both of them had apparently been in separate relationships for a long time, but they both broke up around the same time. As a result, they quickly became even closer, and in July they began visiting each other’s apartments frequently.

ONE OK ROCK recently announced a new album coming out on October 5 and two concerts at Yokohama Arena on January 21-22, 2012.

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