Choshinsei members star in new movie “Bokutachi no After School”


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Korean pop group Choshinsei announced during a fan event in Yokohama on Saturday that they are starring in a movie titled “Bokutachi no After School.” The film is scheduled to hit theaters on November 5, and the theme song will be “Meki☆Love,” which Choshinsei just released as one of two new singles on August 10.

In the movie, the 6 members of Choshinsei play high school students from Korea who have come to Japan to study abroad. Without any sense of true hardship, they find themselves trying to help pay off someone’s debt, and as a result they wind up managing a club with the assistance of the friends they meet in Japan. With a deadline of only one week to come up with 9 million yen, they must put all their energy into making the club a success.

“Bokutachi no After School” is the second movie starring Choshinsei, after last year’s “Kimi ni Love Song wo.”

Choshinsei’s supporting cast includes Omasa Aya, Bessho Tetsuya, Torii Miyuki, and the Kano sisters.



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