Matsuyuki Yasuko, Tegoshi Yuya announced as cast members in “Hotaru no Hikari”


Filming has already finished for the “Hotaru no Hikari” movie, but a couple of previously unannounced cast members were revealed today. Actress Matsuyuki Yasuko (38) and NEWS member Tegoshi Yuya (23) will play two new characters who are keys to the story’s development.

The movie, which reunites co-stars Ayase Haruka (26) and Fujiki Naohito (39), was first announced in August. The story follows the two of them as they take a trip together to Rome, so part of the movie was shot on location in Italy. Matsuyuki and Tegoshi both participated in the filming there.

Matsuyuki’s character is a woman lethargically spending her life in Italy after losing something important. She is described as the Italian version of the “dried-up woman” (“himono onna”), though she is different in a way from Ayase’s character Hotaru (the original “dried-up woman”). Tegoshi plays the part of Matsuyuki’s younger brother.

“Hotaru no Hikari” is scheduled for release in early summer 2012.

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