Mizuki Alisa’s new boyfriend is Nokubo Naoki?


According to the latest issue of Josei Seven, actress/singer Mizuki Alisa (34) appears to be dating actor Nokubo Naoki (30). She was seen spending the night at his apartment just a few days ago.

The magazine says that sometime in mid-November, Mizuki was seen in Nokubo’s car. They visited a video rental shop, a wine shop, and a supermarket, then went to Nokubo’s apartment building for the night. Mizuki was seen leaving the building the next morning.

There are reports that Mizuki and Nokubo have been drinking buddies for a while, and that Mizuki had helped Nokubo celebrate his birthday in May. It is also said that Mizuki has taken Nokubo to a restaurant she frequents and introduced him as her boyfriend to a staff member.

This past July, there were rumors that Mizuki was dating young actor Shimizu Ryotaro (23), but Josei Seven says the two have already broken up. The magazine published a comment from a source familiar with the situation, who said Mizuki dumped Shimizu in October.

Regarding the new rumor of her and Nokubo, her management agency says that the two are just friends.

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