Sakuma Kaho to graduate from PASSPO


Sakuma Kaho (19), a member of the idol group PASSPO☆, will soon graduate from the group, it has been announced. She will officially leave after PASSPO☆’s concert at Zepp Tokyo on December 30th.

Since this summer, Sakuma has been experiencing pain in her waist, making it difficult for her to continue performing the group’s dances. The pain has also become a problem even during her lessons. As a result, she has decided to try pursuing a different path, though no details about her future plans have been revealed.

On her blog, she commented, “I finally found a place where I can say I belong, so I’m truly sad that things have turned out like this. But I hope to work hard to use this graduation as a fresh start for a new ‘Sakuma Kaho’ in the future!”



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