Tabe Mikako returns in “Deka Wanko” drama special


The “Deka Wanko” drama series, starring Tabe Mikako (22), is getting a special episode at the start of the new year. The story this time will take place in Paris and in Edo-period Japan.

“Deka Wanko” is based on a manga by “Gokusen” creator Morimoto Kozueko. The story follows a rookie detective named Hanamori Ichiko (played by Tabe), whose exceptional dog-like sense of smell earns her the nickname of “Deka Wanko.” The drama series adaptation aired between January and March of this year, and the final episode drew ratings of 15.8%.

The story for the special episode has Hanamori and her colleagues taking a vacation in Paris, where some of the scenes were shot on location at the start of this month. While they are enjoying the Christmas atmosphere, they suddenly get called back to Tokyo for a case. However, they can’t find their colleague (played by Sawamura Ikki), so Hanamori tries using her sense of smell to track him down. She winds up getting lost, and she finds herself in a place that resembles Edo-period Japan.

Besides Sawamura, Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS) has also been confirmed as a returning cast member.

The special episode will be broadcast on NTV on January 7 at 9:00pm.

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