Model Takagaki Reiko divorces speed skater Shimizu Hiroyasu


Former Olympic speed skater Shimizu Hiroyasu (37) and fashion model Takagaki Reiko (32) got married in March of last year, but it was announced yesterday that the marriage has already ended. The couple registered their divorce on December 19, after 1 year and 9 months together.

Sources say that the primary reason for their breakup was their lack of time together. Takagaki has risen in popularity as a model and has been busy with work, while Shimizu wanted her to be at home with him more. The two already carried on a long distance relationship between Hokkaido and Tokyo for several years when they were dating, but after they had married and started living together, their constant time apart caused a rift between them.

In July of this year, a weekly magazine apparently caught Shimizu spending a night at the apartment of a Ginza hostess, further breaking their relationship. The two began living separately in September with the hope that a little space between them could repair their marriage, but it turned out to be unsuccessful.

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