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Finder no Mukou

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Limited Edition Cover
Limited LIVE Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Niiyama Shiori
Finder no Mukou (ファインダーの向こう; The Other Side of the Viewfinder)
Catalog Number
JBCZ-9042 (Limited Edition)
JBCZ-9043 (Limited LIVE Edition)
JBCZ-9044 (Regular Edition)
¥4,104 (Limited LIVE Edition)
¥3,888 (Limited Edition)
¥3,240 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  • Disc 1
  1. Atashi wa Atashi no Mama de (あたしはあたしのままで; I Am as It Is)
  2. Snow Smile
  3. Koi no Naka (恋の中; In Love)
  4. Ito (糸; Thread)
  5. Yonchoume no Kousaten (四丁目の交差点; Intersection of Yonchoume)
  6. Sweet Road
  7. Mou, Ikanakucha. (もう、行かなくちゃ。; Already, I Have to Go)
  8. Namae no Nai Tegami (名前のない手紙; An Unnamed Letter)
  9. Heya de no Hanashi. (部屋でのはなし。; Talk in the Room)
  10. LIFE
  11. Tonari no Yukue (隣の行方; Next Whereabouts)
  • Disc 2 - Cover Songs
  1. Genzaichi (現在地; Current Location) (Original: THE GROOVERS)
  2. Arittake no Ai (ありったけの愛; All In Love) (Original: THEATRE BROOK)
  3. Iijuu★Rider (イージュー★ライダー; E10 Rider) (Original: Okuda Tamio)
  4. Piano (ピアノ)
DVD Tracklist
  • Limited Edition
  1. "Tonari no Yukue" MV + Making
  2. "Atashi wa Atashi no Mama de" MV + Making
  3. "Snow Smile" MV + Making
  • Limited LIVE Edition
  1. 3rd Anniversary Live Tour "19"
    1. Dear friend
    2. Arigatou (ありがとう; Thank You)
    3. Wakatteru yo Band ver. (分かってるよ; I Understand)
    4. Kimagure (気まぐれ; Whimsical)
    5. Winding Road
  2. 2016.7.9 ESP Gakuen presents "COLORS 2016"
    1. Koi no Naka
    2. Atashi wa Atashi no Mama de


Finder no Mukou is the third album released by Niiyama Shiori. It was released in three versions: two limited CD+DVD editions and a regular CD only edition that comes with a bonus disc.

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