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Rainbow Rainbow

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Album Cover
1984.04.21 (LP, CD, CT)
1987.07.01 (CD)
1991.09.05 (CD)
1996.06.17 (CD)
2000.03.23 (CD)
2004.03.31 (CD)
2007.03.21 (CD)
2013.02.20 (CD)
Catalog Number
28・3H-117 (LP)
28・6H-100 (CT)
35・8H-11 (1984 CD)
32・8H-126 (1987 CD)
ESCB-1208 (1991 CD)
ESCB-1751 (1996 CD)
ESCB-2113 (2001 CD)
MHCL-1034 (2007 CD)
MHCL-30007 (Blu-spec CD)
¥2,765 (LP)
¥3,445 (1984 CD, CT)
¥3,154 (1987 CD)
¥2,935 (1991 CD)
¥2,097 (1996 CD)
¥1,851 (2004 CD)
¥2,592 (2007 CD)
¥1,944 (2913 Blu-spec CD)
  1. CARIBBEANA-HI (カリビアーナ・ハイ)
  2. Crocodile Rap (Get Away) (クロコダイル・ラップ)
  3. 1/2 no Jyousou (Just For You And Me Now) (1/2の助走; An Approach Run of 1/2)
  4. 1974 (16 Kounen no Houmonsha) (1974 (16光年の訪問者; The Visitor From 16 Light Years Away)
  5. CHRISTOPHER (クリストファー)
  6. IPANEMA'84 (イパネマ'84)
  7. Kinyoubi no Lion (Take it to the Lucky) (金曜日のライオン; Friday's Lion)
  8. RAINBOW RAINBOW (Youki Einstein to 80 Mona Lisa no Ichiya) (陽気なアインシュタインと80年代モナリザの一夜; One Night With a Cheerful Einstein and a 80s' Mona Lisa)
  9. Panoramagic (Astronaut no Higeki) (パノラマジック (アストロノーツの悲劇); The Tragedy of an Astronaut)


RAINBOW RAINBOW is TM NETWORK's debut album. The album was released on the same day as the single "Kinyoubi no Lion (Take it to the Lucky)" and features similar cover designs. Since originally released in 1984, the album has seen numerous reprints over the years due to the band's growing popularity and advance audio technology. The original 1987 release reached #71 on the weekly Oricon charts. The 2013 Blu-spec CD release reached #215 on the weekly Oricon charts.

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