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Shiver (band)

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Shiver was previous band of baroque's and MERRY's main songwriters. AKIRA for baroque and Yuu for MERRY. They were formed in June of 1997 in Matsuyama and broke up in December of 2000, because their vocalist wanted to retired from music industry. Their music was alternative rock with quirky & unusual melodies and rhythms. Rumor says, the ex-members of Shiver and After effect that continue their musical career wanted to formed a band that like two sides of a coin. baroque for the light and cheerful side, and MERRY for the dark and hard one.


  • REI - Vocals
  • AKIRA - Guitar
  • Yuu (結生) - Guitar/Synth. Guitar
  • Tsuu (都憂) - Bass

Former Members




Demo Tapes


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