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Slow Love

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Album Cover
Ishii Rika
Slow Love
Catalog Number
  1. Sore ga Shiawase Nanda to Omou (それが幸せなんだと思う; I Think That I'm Happy)
  2. Tenohira no Fuyu (てのひらの冬; Winter of Palm)
  3. Hane (羽; Feather)
  4. Matilda no Hachiue (マチルダの鉢植え; Potted Matilda)
  5. Saigo no Peeji (最後の頁; The Last Page)
  6. Rinkou (燐光; Phosphorescent)
  7. Taiyou wa Miteite Kureru (太陽は見ていてくれる; Me Watching the Sun)
  8. Yoru no Nagi (夜の凪; Calm Night)
  9. Wild Card wa Kitto Aru (Wild Cardはきっとある; It Is Surely a Wild Card)
  10. Joshi Goes On (女子Goes On; Women Goes On)
  11. No Guide No Route
  12. Fuhyo ~Buoy~ (浮標 ~ブイ~; Buoy ~Buoy~)


Slow Love is the second album released by Ishii Rika. The album did not chart on the Oricon charts.