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Aoi Kuma

Album Cover
Ishii Rika
Aoi Kuma (あ・お・い・く・ま; Blue Bear)
Catalog Number
  1. Boku no Michi (僕の道; My Path)
  2. Wedding Story
  3. Kimi no Sora e Utai Tsuzuku (君の空へ詩いつづく; I Will Continue Singing to Your Sky)
  4. Akai Tsuki (赤い月; Red Moon)
  5. "Anata ga Itsumo Kokoro no Soko Kara Tanoshimeru Koto wo Ganbattemasu." (「あなたがいつもこころの底から楽しめることを願ってます。」; I Hope from the Bottom of My Heart That You Can Always Enjoy.)
  6. Rainbow Rain
  7. Lose of Control
  8. Kokoro (こころ; Heart)
  9. Nanairo no Kutsu (七色の靴; Shoes of Seven Colors)
  10. Hi no Ataru Hou e (陽のあたるほうへ; Toward You in the Sun)
  11. Hibiki (響き; Sound)


Aoi Kuma is the first album released by Ishii Rika. The first-press edition came housed in a special paper package. The album did not chart on the Oricon charts.

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