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La Mer

Album Cover
Limited edition
Ishii Rika
La mer (The Ocean)
2013.08.30 (Limited edition)
Catalog Number
  1. Homesick Lullaby (ホームシック・ララバイ)
  2. Kami-sama wo Yurusenai (神様を許せない; I Do Not Forgive God)
  3. Koi Oboro (恋おぼろ; Hazy Love)
  4. Hane (羽; Feather)
  5. Tenohira no Fuyu (てのひらの冬; Winter of Palm)
  6. flowage
  7. Another Story
  8. Sore ga Shiawase Nanda to Omou (それが幸せなんだと思う; I Think That I'm Happy)
  9. Attack or Raid (limited edition bonus track)
  10. Relation March (limited edition bonus track)
  11. Returned Soldier (limited edition bonus track)
  12. Lullaby of Mam (limited edition bonus track)
  13. On My Mind (limited edition bonus track)
  14. Islanders & Soldiers (limited edition bonus track)


La mer (French for The Ocean) is the third album released by Ishii Rika. Three of the songs are taken from Ishii's second album. The album did not chart on the Oricon charts.

The album was pre-released as a limited edition in Niigata, Sado (the place the story of the movie Tobe! Dakota is set) on August 30th, 2013, during a live event screening for the movie Tobe! Dakota. The limited releaes comes with 6 bonus tracks, albeit BGMs from the movie. It saw a nationwide release on September 25th.

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