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20 Junyeon Ginyeom Golden Album

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Album Cover
Jeon Young Rok
Album / Tape
20 Junyeon Ginyeom Golden Album (20주년 기념 골든 앨범; Golden Anniversary Album)
  1. Aesim (애심; Heartfelt Love)
  2. Nageunegil (나그네 길; This Way Stranger)
  3. Nugunga (누군가; Anyone)
  4. Salangui Jong (사랑의 종; Kind of Love)
  5. Silyeon (실연; Breaking Up)
  6. Salangeun Yeonpillo Sseuseyo (사랑은 연필로 쓰세요; Write to Love With a Pencil)
  7. Bulti (불티; Sparks)
  8. Ajigdo Eoduunbamingabwa (아직도 어두운 밤인가봐; In The Still Dark at Night)
  9. Geudae Unabwa (그대 우나봐; I Need You)
  10. Naesalang Ulbo (내사랑 울보; My Crybaby Love)
  11. Hayan Bame (하얀 밤에; White Night)
  12. Ije Jayahanabwa (이제 자야하나봐; Now She Wants Me)
  13. Jeonyeognol (저녁놀; Afterglow)
  14. Chueog (추억; Memory)
  15. Changgae Heuleuneun Sewol (창가에 흐르는 세월; Running Out of Time)
  16. Balame Sillyeogan Salang (바람에 실려간 사랑; Love in The Wind)
  17. Ibyeoleun Silheo (이별은 싫어; I Hate Goodbyes)


20 Junyeon Ginyeom Golden Album is the ninth complication release by Jeon Young Rok. It contains his most popular songs from 1979 - 1992. This was released in Album and Tape format only.