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91 Jeon Young Rok

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Record / Album Cover
Jeon Young Rok
Record / Album
91 Jeon Young Rok (전영록)
Record Tracklist
  • Side A Tracklist
  1. Intro (인트로)
  2. Ibyeoleun Silheo (이별은 싫어; I Hate Goodbyes)
  3. Geudaeyeo, Uljimalayo (그대여, 울지말아요; Baby, Please Don't Cry)
  4. Geudae Salangeun (그대 사랑은; Love You)
  5. Hanbame Deudneun Saengilnolae (한밤에 듣는 생일노래; Birthday Song in The Middle of The Night)
  6. Geudae Nunbicheulo (그대 눈빛으로; In Your Eyes)
  • Side B Tracklist
  1. Oechul (외출; Going Out)
  2. Geudae Nunbicheulo (그대 눈빛으로; In Your Eyes)
  3. Insaengalhi (인생앓이; Love Heartburn)
  4. Ileohge Oelounbam (이렇게 외로운 밤; This Lonely Night)
  5. Oechul (외출; Going Out)
Album Tracklist
  1. Ibyeoleun Silheo (이별은 싫어)
  2. Geudaeyeo, Uljimalayo (그대여, 울지말아요)
  3. Geudae Salangeun (그대 사랑은)
  4. Hanbame Deudneun Saengilnolae (한밤에 듣는 생일노래)
  5. Oechul (외출)
  6. Geudae Nunbicheulo (그대 눈빛으로)
  7. Insaengalhi (인생앓이)
  8. Changgae Heuleuneun Sewol (창가에 흐르는 세월; Running Out of Time) (Album Bonus Track)
  9. Ttodasi Salangui Sangcheoleul (또 다시 사랑의 상처를; The Wounds of Love Again) (Album Bonus Track)
  10. Usaneul Cadchyeo Deulilkkeyo (우산을 받쳐 드릴께요.; I Will Cover You With the Umbrella) (Album Bonus Track)
  11. Haneule Dameun Naemaeum (하늘에 담은 내마음; My Heart Contains The Sky) (Album Bonus Track)
  12. Ajigdo Mosdahan Iyagi (아직도 못다한 이야기; Still an Unfinished Story) (Album Bonus Track)
  13. Geuhulon (그 후론; Afterwards) (Album Bonus Track)
  14. Hwanghon (황혼; Dusk) (Album Bonus Track)


91 Jeon Young Rok is the 14th studio release by Jeon Young Rok. This was released in Record and Album format only. The bonus songs on the Album version are from his earlier studio release 90 Jeon Young Rok. The only songs found on the record that is not on the album is "Ileohge Oelounbam" and the Intro.