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Jeon Young Rok (album)

Record Cover
Album Cover
Jeon Young Rok
Record / Album / Tape
Jeon Young Rok (전영록)
1997.10.01 (Album Reissue)
Side A Tracklist
  1. Aewon (애원; Appeal)
  2. Salam (삶; Life)
  3. Salangeun (사랑은; Love Is)
  4. Jageun Pungseon (작은 풍선; Small Balloon)
  5. Hayan Baljaug (하얀 발자욱; White Footprints)
  6. Tteoleojin Ipsae (떨어진 잎새; Fallen Leaves)
Side B Tracklist
  1. Geudaeyeo (그대여; My Baby)
  2. Aesim (애심; Heartfelt Love)
  3. Cheoljinan Badasga (철지난 바닷가; Old Seaside)
  4. Gyeoul Jangmi (겨울 장미; Winter Rose)
  5. Nageunegil (나그네 길; This Way Stranger)
  6. Sanmaeul (Geonjeongayo) (산마을 (건전가요); Mountain Village (Wholesome))


Jeon Young Rok is the fifth studio release by Jeon Young Rok. The songs "Aesim", "Cheoljinan Badasga", and "Nageunegil" are updated versions from his earlier studio releases. The album version was reissued in 1997.