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6nenme Start!

Album Cover
THE Possible
6nenme Start! (6年目スタート!; Our Sixth Year Starts!)
Catalog Number
  1. I love you Watashi no Kimi (I love you 私の君; I Love You, You're Mine)
  2. Tabi no Mannaka (旅の真ん中; In the Middle of a Trip) (Goto Yuki solo)
  3. Sayounara Nante (サヨウナラなんて; I Said Goodbye) (Okada Robin Shoko solo)
  4. Sotsugyoushiki ~Otona ni Naru 1 Page~ (卒業式~大人になる1ページ~; Graduation Ceremony ~Becoming an Adult with One Page~) (Hashimoto Aina solo)
  5. Dream More Dreams! (Morozuka Kanami solo)
  6. Hatsukoi no Kakera (初恋のカケラ; Fragments of First Love) (Akiyama Yurika solo)


6nenme Start! is the first mini-album released by THE Possible. It was released in commemoration of their 6th anniversary, and it includes one new song "I love you Watashi no Kimi" and five previously released songs sung by each member. The mini-album did not chart on Oricon charts.

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