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AMAZONS is a Japanese pop chorus group is currently under the label Sony Music Record.



AMAZONS group formed in 1985 as a chorus group. They started appear as backup chorus members for various artist's tours soon after with their first concert tour was Marine's "BE POP LIVE" tour. Two years later, they performed at their first live concert in October 1987. A month later, AMAZONS released their first single, entitled GLORIOUS GLAMOUROUS". They also released their first album, entitled "Nisemono Tengoku", and embarked on their first national tour six months later.

From 1989 to 1990, AMAZONS appeared on their first radio show, entitled DANCE DANCE DANCE with AMAZONS, on NACK5. The group appeared less as support members on other artist's concerts as AMAZONS focused on more of their own releases in the 1990s. They continued to release new material and embark on concert tours until 1996 when the group took a hiatus. However, the hiatus didn't last long as the group reunited in 2005 to celebrate their 20th anniversary. To celebrate, the group released two new albums, embarked on a nation-wide tour, and appeared as support members on various artist's tours such as Fujii Fumiya and CHAGE. They also corroborated with Suga Shikao on the song "Himitsu Kessha ~annex~" in 2006.





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