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A Perfect Sky

Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
A Perfect Sky
Catalog Number
WPCL-10327 (Limited Edition)
WPCL-10319 (Regular Edition)
¥1,300 (Limited Edition.)
¥1,000 (Regular Edition)
  1. A Perfect Sky
  2. Free
  3. interlude -siesta-
  4. A Perfect Sky (instrumental)


"A Perfect Sky" is the 21st single released by BONNIE PINK. The title track was used as the Shiseido "ANESSA" commercial song. The song was not originally meant to be a single, but when it received high interest due to the commercial, a single was quickly commissioned. The limited edition of this single came with a special package featuring "ANESSA" goods. The woman on the cover of the first press is actress and model Ebihara Yuri. This single reached #5 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 14 weeks, and is currently BONNIE PINK's most successful single. As this single sold 133,315 copies in 2006, it was the #72 single of the year.

Song Information

Other Information
Arrangement: Burning Chicken, BONNIE PINK


BONNIE PINK promoting the single

There are four versions of A Perfect Sky to be currently found in BONNIE PINK's discography (listed chronologically). These different versions are:

A Perfect Sky
Found on the A Perfect Sky single as track one, and also on Every Single Day -Complete BONNIE PINK (1995-2006)- as track #14 of disc two. This is the version set to the PV.
A Perfect Sky (Instumental)
Found on the A Perfect Sky single as track four. This is the standard version without vocal.
A Perfect Sky (Philharmonic Flava)
Found on the Thinking Out Loud studio album as track six. This version starts off with the a cappella track backed with classical instruments, but part way through becomes the standard arrangement version of the song.
A Perfect Sky (Internet Live at GULA STUDION, Sweden (5.27.2007)
Found on the Thinking Out Loud first press DVD as track one.

Music Video

The music video was directed by Matsumoto Tsuyoshi. It features BONNIE PINK at a pool.

Oricon Chart Positions

Week Position Weekly Sales Total Sales
Week One 5 38,440 38,440
Week Two 7 25,753 64,193
Week Three 9 23,439 87,632
Week Four 15 13,708 101,340
Week Five 21 9,487 110,827
Week Six 32 6,104 116,931
Week Seven 32 4,297 121,228
Week Eight 28 4,223 125,451

Total Known Sales: 133,315

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