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Abe Natsumi Concert Tour 2005 Aki ~24 Carat~

DVD Cover

Abe Natsumi Concert Tour 2005 Aki ~24 Carat~ (安倍なつみコンサートツアー2005秋 ~24カラット~) was Abe Natsumi's 2005 concert. The concert DVD was released on January 25, 2006 on the hachama label with the catalog number HKBN-50063. The concert tour lasted from September to November with a total of 20 shows done in 10 days. The performance on the DVD is the November 11 show held at Tokyo Kouseinenkin Kaikan.

Members featured in this release

Track listing

  2. 恋の花 (Koi no Hana)
  3. だって 生きてかなくちゃ (Datte Ikitekanakucha with Country Musume)
  4. MC1
  5. 夢ならば (Yume Naraba)
  6. なんにも言わずにI LOVE YOU (Nanni mo Iwazu ni I Love You)
  7. MC2
  8. OLの事情 (OL no Jijou)
  9. 恋した女の子どすえ Koishita Onna no Ko Dosue)
  10. シャイニング 愛しき貴方 (Shining Itoshiki Anata) - Country Musume
  11. 初めてのハッピーバースディ! (Hajimete no Happy Birthday!) - Abe Natsumi and Country Musume
  12. いいことある記念の瞬間 (Ii Koto Aru Kinen no Shunkan) - Country Musume
  13. 愛車ローンで (Aisha Loan De - Abe Natsumi and Country Musume
  14. リアル朗読劇(ゲットストリ~ム) (Real Roudokugeki (Get Stream))
  15. Mr.Moonlight~愛のビッグバンド~ (Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~) - Abe Natsumi and Country Musume
  16. 例えば (Tatoeba)
  17. MC3
  18. さくら満開 (Sakura Mankai)
  19. 22歳の私 (22sai no Watashi)
  20. MC4
  21. あなた色 (Anata Iro)
  22. 恋愛シツレンジャー (Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger with Country Musume)
  23. 恋のテレフォンGOAL (Koi no Telephone Goal with Country Musume)


  1. 空 LIFE GOES ON (close-up version)
  2. MC5
  3. 腕組んで帰りたい (Ude Kunde Kaeritai) - Abe Natsumi and Country Musume

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