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Ai no Kotodama ~Spiritual Message~

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8cm CD Cover
LP/12cm CD Cover
Southern All Stars
Ai no Kotodama ~Spiritual Message~ (愛の言霊; Spirit of the Word called Love)
2005.06.25 (12cm CD Reissue)
Catalog Number
VIDL-225 (8cm CD)
VISL-315 (Cassette)
VIKL-10001 (Record)
VICL-36037 (12cm CD Reissue)
¥930 (8cm CD)
¥948 (Cassette)
¥1,020 (Record)
¥800 (12cm CD Reissue)
  1. Ai no Kotodama ~Spiritual Message~ (愛の言霊)
  2. Koi no Jack Knife (恋のジャック・ナイフ)


"Ai no Kotodama ~Spiritual Message~" is the 37th single released by Southern All Stars. It was released in three formats, 8cm CD, cassette and LP. It was their first single released in LP format since 1989' "Sayonara Baby". The title track was used as theme song or the drama Toumei Ningen. The single reached #1 on Oricon charts, charted for 25 weeks, and sold 1,381,240 copies in 1996, becoming the #7 single of that year.

Song Information

Kuwata Keisuke
Kuwata Keisuke
Other Information
Arrangement: Southern All Stars
Sax Soli Arrangement: Yamamoto Takuo

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