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Anata no Koe ga Kikoeru

Type A CD+DVD Cover
Type B CD Only Cover
Anata no Koe ga Kikoeru (あなたの声が聞こえる; I Can Hear Your Voice)
Catalog Number
CRCP-40440 (Type A CD+DVD)
CRCP-40441 (Type B CD Only)
¥3,240 (Type A CD+DVD)
¥2,700 (Type B CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. Intro ~Voice~
  2. Anata no Koe ga Kikoeru (あなたの声が聞こえる; I Can Hear Your Voice)
  3. Endless Tears ~Owaranai Melody~ (終わらないメロディー; Melody That Does Not End) feat. Melody Chubak
  4. Itsudatte. (いつだって。; Always.)
  5. Kirari☆Mirai e (キラリ☆未来へ; Sparkling to the Future)
  6. Bakamitai ni Aishiteta (バカみたいに、愛してた; So Stupid, I Have Loved) feat. Junretsu
  7. Interlude ~Rose Ring~
  8. Kon'ya no Full Moon (今夜のFull Moon; Tonight's Full Moon) feat. miccie
  9. Wakuwaku↑Sensor→ (ワクワク↑センサ→; Thrilled↑Sensor→)
  10. Rubber Surrey ~Ai ni 1-nen Kinenbi~ (ラバーサリー ~愛の1年記念日~; Rubber Surrey ~1 Year Anniversary of Love~)
  11. Be Ambitious feat. CAMPUS PLUS
  12. Bye Bye feat. No.6
  13. Fontaine ~Here~ feat. No.6
DVD Tracklist
  1. Anata no Koe ga Kikoeru
  2. Endless Tears ~Owaranai Melody~ feat. Melody Chubak
  3. Fontaine ~Here~ feat. No.6


Anata no Koe Kikoeru is the eight studio album released by CLIFF EDGE.

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