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Angel Hearts

Album Cover
Nakayama Miho
angel hearts
1988.12.05 (LP, CD, CT)
1989.12.25 (CD)
1992.11.21 (CD)
Catalog Number
K28A-880 (LP)
K32X-350 (CD)
K28H-1260 (CT)
330A-50090 (1989 Re-released CD)
KICS-270 (1992 Re-released CD)
¥2,800 (LP, CD, CT)
¥3,364 (1989 Re-released CD)
¥2,548 (1992 Re-released CD)
  1. Sweetest Lover
  2. Too Fast, Too Close
  3. Bad Girl
  4. Diamond Lights
  5. Tenshi no Kimochi (天使の気持ち; The Angel's Feelings)
  6. Witches
  7. Hitomi de Lovin' You (瞳でLovin' You; Lovin' You by the Eyes)
  8. Please
  9. Try Or Cry


angel hearts is Nakayama Miho's seventh album. The album reached #3 on the weekly Oricon charts, selling over 252,000 copies. It also reached #44 on the yearly Oricon chart for 1989.

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