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Boku no Dilemma

Single Cover
Boku no Dilemma (僕のジレンマ; My Dilemma)
Akimoto Yasushi
TomoLow, Nakamura Daisuke
Other Information
Arrangement: TomoLow, Nakamura Daisuke


"Boku no Dilemma" is a song recorded by Sakurazaka46. It can be found as track #2 on their fourth single "Samidare yo".

Selected Members

(Center: Watanabe Risa)

This song was performed by all members at the time of release. This is the only track Sugai Yuuka participated in due to conflicting schedules with her musical Curtains.


There are currently two recorded versions of "Boku no Dilemma" found in Sakurazaka46's discography. These versions are:

Boku no Dilemma
Found on the "Samidare yo" single as track #2. This is the standard version.
Boku no Dilemma OFF VOCAL ver.
Found on the "Samidare yo" single as track #5. This is the standard version without the main vocals.

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