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Boys Before Flowers OST 2

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Album Cover
Various Artists
Boys Before Flowers (꽃보다 남자)
  1. T-Max - Ne Mal (네 말; Say Yes)
  2. T-Max feat. J - Uleu Nae Salang Wisi (우르 내 사랑 위시; Wish Your My Love)
  3. A'ST1 - Geuliumui Simjang (그리움의 심장; Yearning Heart)
  4. SS501 - Aein Mandeulgi (애인 만들기; Making a Lover)
  5. Jisun - Eotteohge Haeyahabnikka (어떻게해야합니까; What Should I Do?)
  6. KARA - Salangeun Bulida (사랑은 불이다; Love is Fire)
  7. Howl - Salang U (사랑 유; Love U)
  8. Brand New Day - Geoui Salangcheoleom (거의 사랑처럼; Almost Like Love)
  9. Lee Sang Gon - Nunmuli Tteol Eojigoissda (눈물이 떨어지고있다; Tears are Falling)
  10. Kim Young Min - Cellogic (inst.)
  11. Dong Yo - Dagagada (inst.) - (다가가다; Approach)
  12. Park Hye Ri - Nachseonil (inst.) - (낯선 일; Strange Sun)
  13. Park Hye Ri - Salangeul Wihayeo (inst.) - (사랑을 위하여; For The Sake of Love)


Boys Before Flowers OST 2 is the second OST released for the drama Boys Before Flowers.