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Cats (2007)

Cats (캣츠) (also known as The Reds 2nd (The 빨강 2기)) was a Korean pop group under the label of Rose Entertainment. As they haven't released anything else besides their debut album in 2007, it's most likely that the group has unofficially disbanded.



Cats was one of the many new girl groups that debuted in 2007, including Wonder Girls, KARA, and Baby Vox Re.V. The new group, was a second generation of the girl group The Red, which boosted Bae Seul Gi career.

In January 2007 at Samsung Coex Mall, the public audition took place with over/SIZ 3,000 people auditioning to be a part of Cats. The 4 selected members showcased their vocal, dance, and acting abilities through their auditions. They received the acknowledgment from sponsors who felt that they surpassed people who train for over 3 years.

The group's name is after the musical "Cats" because they have exceptional live singing and dancing abilities that it seems like the audience is watching a musical when they perform, which is their company's group concept for them.

Cats, had their first broadcast on Jan 27, 28 on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo, respectively.



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