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Inkigayo Logo (Summer 2012)

Inkigayo (인기가요; Popular Music) is a popular South Korean weekly music show that has been on the air since 1991. It airs Sunday at 4:50PM KST on SBS. It's currently hosted by ZE:A's Kwang Hee, actress Kim Yoo Jung, and actor Hong Jong Hyun.

The show started on December 15, 1991, but was later canceled on October 24, 1993, and revived in February 1998. In 2003, the original chart format was removed and replaced by the segment "Take 7". In 2007, after a decrease on the ratings the started it's actual live broadcast instead of the previous recorded one. In July 2012, it was announced that the show will no longer feature the "Take 7" segment, hence becoming a non-award show with f(x) being the last awarded artist. After several months without awards, it was announced the show would be returning to a charting system and weekly winner once again, starting with March 17, 2013's broadcast.


Take 7/Mutizen Song

Take 7 was the main segment of the show. Each week seven artists with new/popular releases were featured in this segment, usually with the artists preforming on the show. At the end of the program one of the artists was awarded with the Mutizen Song award, and like the Power Rookie award, the artists were chosen weekly by online votes (Mutizen is a mix of the words Music and Netizen). Since 2004, when an artist wins three Mutizen Awards with the same song, called "Triple Crown", it's removed from the competition and therefor from the "Take 7" segment. In July of 2012, Inkigayo announced it wanted to get rid of its rank and award system, removing the "Take 7" segment from its programming.

Inkigayo Chart/Top Artist

After experimenting with a "no-rank" system, Inkigayo announced the revival of their ranking charts in March of 2013. While the old "Mutizen Charts" relied on both physical and digital music sales, fan voting, broadcast points, and professional research to determine the winner, the new "Inkigayo Chart," which was created together with the Gaon Chart, relies on only the digital music sales, fan voting, and SNS points. The top three artists of the chart become "First Place Nominees" who then go through live SMS and voting from Melon. Voting by viewers is combined with the existing scores to determine the "First Place" winner, known as the "Top Artist" of the week. The "Triple Crown" aspect of the show remains relatively unchanged, except instead of the song being removed from the show it is just removed from the charts and becomes ineligible to win again.

Inkigayo Q

This is an interview segment where viewers questions are asked. Viewers submit their weekly questions through the SBS mobile app SOTY and if selected the user received a prize for his or her participation. This segment began on February 17, 2013.

Inkigayo Showcase

A segment to showcase talented indie and new artists. The segment began on March 17, 2013.


"Comeback" and "Goodbye" specials are broadcast regularly when popular artists start or end their current releases promotions. Usually more than one song is performed by each artist.

Power Rookie

Each week a "new" artist performs on the show and competes for a monthly award. The award is chosen by viewers through online votes on the show' website. Lee Ki Kwang is the only artist to have won this award twice, first as a solo singer and later as member of the group BEAST; additionally Lee has also been chosen as host for the show. This segment ended at the end of 2010.

Hot Music

Popular/hot songs were performed in this section, however the artists didn't aspire to the "Take 7" award.

Fresh Music

Less popular/known artists promoted new songs.


Power Rookie Award




Take 7/Mutizen/Top Artist Award

Note: 1998 to January 2003 winners were selected by the not in use now countdown charts. The award was not yet called "Mutizen" but "First Place" instead.


2012 Inkigayo Hosts: IU & Lee Jong Suk

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