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Gummy promoting "Honja" (2019)

Gummy (거미; Spider) is a Korean R&B/Pop singer under C-JeS Entertainment. Occasionally, Gummy would be registered under her unofficial alternatives to her stagename: as Gumi, Gumy, Spyder or Spider.



Gummy promoting For The Bloom (2005)

Gummy often been quoted saying that she has trained for 6-7 years before debuting. Before signing a contract under M.Boat & YG, she was discovered by a scouting agency during her freshmen year in high school. She trained for and recorded an album under the agency all in 3-4 years time. It was never released due to lack of funding and exposure to the media.

She was then introduced to M.Boat's president Park Kyung Jin through her good friend and fellow singer, Wheesung. In 2001, she auditioned for and got a spot on a group called Big Mama. In the end, president Park acknowledge that she had a greater potential debuting as a solo artist. In 2003, Gummy debuted solo with her successful album Like Them.

In 2007 she signed a 4-year contract extension with YG Entertainment. In 2013, she left both M.Boat Entertainment Group and YG Entertainment and signed with C-JeS Entertainment.

Korean Discography

Gummy promoting Unplugged (2006)
Gummy promoting Comfort (2008)
Gummy promoting Loveless (2011)
Gummy promoting FATE(s) (2013)


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  • She used to date Wheesung some time before both of them debuted.
  • She once admitted that she regrets not being part of Big Mama, though some fans recognize her as the unofficial 5th member.


  • [2004.12.04] Mnet KM Music Festival: Movil Popularity Award - "Gieogsangsil"
  • [2004.xx.xx] Golden Disk Awards: Bonsang
  • [2005.xx.xx] Korean Music Awards: Best R&B/Soul Album - "It's Different"
  • [2010.11.28] 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Vocal Perfomance - Solo "Namjaraseo"
  • [2010.12.15] 2010 MelOn Music Awards: Best R&B Song - "Namjaraseo"
  • [2012.12.15] 2012 Japan Billboard Music Awards: Best New K-pop Artist
  • [2016.09.08] 11th Seoul Drama Awards: Best OST - "You Are My Everything"
  • [2016.11.16] Asia Artist Awards: Best OST - "You Are My Everything"
  • [2017.01.13] 31th Golden Disk Awards: Best OST Award - "You Are My Everything"
  • [2017.01.19] 26th Seoul Music Awards: OST Award - "You Are My Everything"
  • [2019.11.30] 2019 MelOn Music Awards: Best OST - "Gieoghaejwoyo Nae Modeun Nalgwa Geuttaeleul"
  • [2019.12.04] 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best OST - "Gieoghaejwoyo Nae Modeun Nalgwa Geuttaeleul"

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