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Triangle (Dong Bang Shin Ki song)

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Dong Bang Shin Ki
Yoo Young Jin
Yoo Young Jin
Other Information
Arrangement: Yoo Young Jin

"TRI-ANGLE" is a K-Pop song released by Dong Bang Shin Ki and included on their first album of the same name TRI-ANGLE. The introduction and the bridge of the song features the 1st movement of Mozart's "Symphony No. 40".


TRI-ANGLE (Extended Version) (feat. BoA and The Trax)
Found on TRI-ANGLE album as track #3. This is the standard version set to the PV, a collaboration with K-Pop singer BoA and K-Rock band The TRAX.
TRI-ANGLE (Dong Bang Shin Ki Version)
Found on TRI-ANGLE album as track #14. This is the standard version, except without BoA's participation.
TRI-ANGLE (Chinese Version)
Found on the Hong Kong and Taiwan editions of TRI-ANGLE album. This is the standard version with Chinese lyrics.
Found on The 1st Live Concert Album Rising Sun album as track #9. This is a live "Dong Bang Shin Ki Version".
TRI-ANGLE (feat. Zhang Liyin)
Found on he 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT ALBUM 'O' album as track #5. This is a special live version featuring Zhang Li Yin singing BoA's original lines.