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Rising Sun Showcase

VCD Cover
Dong Bang Shin Ki
Rising Sun Showcase
VCD1 Tracklist
  1. Intro
  2. Stage(1): "Hug"
  3. The 1st Solo Stage: "I Knew I Love You" (Micky)
  4. The 2nd Solo Stage: "I Love You" (Max)
  5. Clip(1): FILA Photo CF Clip
  6. Talk: TVXQ!'s Real Talk
  7. Clip(2): The 2nd Album Jacket Clip
  8. Yaksokhaettdeon Geuttee (Always There...) Music Video (약속했던 그때에; When We Promise)
VCD2 Tracklist
  1. The 3rd Solo Stage: "Chenyeom" (Xiah) (체념; Despair)
  2. The 4th Solo Stage: Special Performance (U-Know)
  3. Clip(3): Overseas Promotion
  4. Stage(2): "Hug"
  5. Stage(3): "Babo (Unforgettable)" (바보; Fool)
  6. Clip(4): Love Letter From TVXQ!
  7. Stage(4): "Rising Sun (Sunsu)" (순수; Pure)
  8. Clip(5): TVXQ! TALK Clip
  9. Credit
  10. Yaksokhaettdeon Geuttee (Always There...) Making Of (약속했던 그때에; When We Promise)
  11. Accessory: Wallpaper (3) + Screen Saver (1)


Rising Sun Showcase is Dong Bang Shin Ki's first video release. The VCD included the showcase concert for Rising Sun album presentation. All the members, except Hero (due a foot injury), had a solo stage. Micky's solo song is a cover of Savage Garden's song "I Knew I Loved You", Max's solo song is a Korean cover of Ozaki Yutaka's song "I LOVE YOU", Xiah's solo song is a cover of Big Mama's song "Chenyeom" and U-Know's solo dance stage included Usher's "Yeah!" and Michael Jackson's "Scream" songs as background music.

The MCs for the showcase were Super Junior's Kang In and Leeteuk.

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