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The 1st Live Concert Album Rising Sun

Album Cover
Dong Bang Shin Ki
The 1st Live Concert Album Rising Sun
CD1 Tracklist
  1. opening - Landing On Earth
  2. Tonight
  3. Hug
  4. Neohuideul Geosinikka (I Wish...) (너희들 것이니까; Because It Belongs to You)
  5. Whatever They Say
  6. Opening Ment
  7. Mideoyo (믿어요; Believe)
  8. Here Comes TVXQ!
  10. Free Your Mind
  11. Dangerous Mind
  12. Yeoubi (Like Weather) (여우비; Fox Rain) (Micky solo)
  13. Lake of Calmness
  14. Jigeumcheoreom (지금처럼; Like Now)
  15. Yaksokhaettdeon Geuttee (Always There...) (약속했던 그때에; When We Promise)
  16. I Never Let Go
  17. Magic of Melody
  18. I Wanna Hold You
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Mabeopui Seong (Magic Castle) (마법의 성)
  2. All Rise (feat. Eunhyuk) (Xiah solo)
  3. Balgeoreum (발걸음; Footsteps) (Hero solo)
  4. Ment
  5. LOVE after LOVE
  6. Neon Eonjena (넌 언제나; You Always)
  7. Ment
  8. The Way U Are (Extended Ver.)
  9. Rising Sun Reprise
  10. Rising Sun (Extended Ver.)
  11. One
  12. Closing Ment
  13. My Little Princess (Itjanayo...) (있잖아요...; You Know...)
  14. Drive (Extended Ver.)
  15. Bonus Track: Free Your Mind (Remix)
  16. Bonus Track: Yeoubi (Like Weather) (Dong Bang Shin Ki Ver.) (여우비 (동방신기Ver.); Fox Rain)


The 1st Live Concert Album Rising Sun is Dong Bang Shin Ki's first live album. The album includes four instrumental tracks (used as background music in the concert), four MC talk tracks, and three solo songs: Micky's solo, a self-composed song, Xiah's solo, a cover of Blue's debut song of the same name, and Hero's solo, a cover of Emerald Castle's 1997 song of the same name.

The album comes also with a Dong Bang Shin Ki's studio version of Micky's self-composed song and a remix of Free Your Mind.

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