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Rising Sun (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

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Korea/Taiwan/Japan Album Cover
Hong Kong Album Cover
Dong Bang Shin Ki
Rising Sun
2005.09.12 (Korea)
2005.10.10 (Taiwan)
2005.12.08 (Hong Kong)
2007.10.24 (Japan)
Catalog Number
RZCD-45692 (Japan)
¥2,375 (Japan)
  1. Tonight
  2. Beautiful Life
  3. Rising Sun (Sunsu) (순수; Pure)
  4. Babo (Unforgettable) (바보; Fool)
  5. Nega Horaghalteni (LOVE is Never Gone) (내가 허락할 테니; I'll Allow It)
  6. LOVE after LOVE
  7. Dangerous Mind
  8. One
  9. LOVE is...
  10. Free your mind (feat. The TRAX)
  11. Jageun Gobaek (LOVE is All I Need) (작은 고백; Small Confession)
  12. Yaksokhaettdeon Geuttee (Always There...) (약속했던 그때에; When We Promise)
  13. Beautiful Life -Japanese ver.- (Japan Ed. Bonus Track)
  14. Babo (Unforgettable) (Chinese Version) (바보; Fool) (Hong Kong Ed. Bonus Track)
  15. Rising Sun (순수; Pure) (Hong Kong Ed. Bonus Track)
Hong Kong Ed. VCD Tracklist
  1. Rising Sun (Sunsu) Music Video (순수; Pure)
  2. Rising Sun (Sunsu) Making Of (순수; Pure)
Taiwan Ed. CD-Extra Tracklist
  1. Yaksokhaettdeon Geuttee (Always There...) Music Video (약속했던 그때에; When We Promise)


Rising Sun is Dong Bang Shin Ki's second album. It was released with a bonus track in Japan, with a CD-Extra including a music video in Taiwan and with two Chinese versions, a VCD and a different cover in Hong Kong. Rising Sun is the group less sold studio album with 293,000 copies.

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