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Rising Sun

Korea/Taiwan/Japan Album Cover
Hong Kong Album Cover
Rising Sun
2005.09.12 (Korea)
2005.10.10 (Taiwan)
2005.12.08 (Hong Kong)
2007.10.24 (Japan)
Catalog Number
SMCD114 (Korea)
RZCD-45692 (Japan)
¥2,375 (Japan)
  1. Tonight
  2. Beautiful Life
  3. Rising Sun (Sunsu) (순수; Pure)
  4. Babo (Unforgettable) (바보; Fool)
  5. Nega Horaghalteni (LOVE is Never Gone) (내가 허락할 테니; I'll Allow It)
  6. LOVE after LOVE
  7. Dangerous Mind
  8. One
  9. LOVE is...
  10. Free your mind (feat. The TRAX)
  11. Jageun Gobaek (LOVE is All I Need) (작은 고백; Small Confession)
  12. Yaksokhaettdeon Geuttee (Always There...) (약속했던 그때에; When We Promise)
  13. Beautiful Life -Japanese ver.- (Japan Ed. Bonus Track)
  14. Babo (Unforgettable) (Chinese Version) (바보; Fool) (Hong Kong Ed. Bonus Track)
  15. Rising Sun (순수; Pure) (Hong Kong Ed. Bonus Track)
Hong Kong Ed. VCD Tracklist
  1. Rising Sun (Sunsu) Music Video (순수; Pure)
  2. Rising Sun (Sunsu) Making Of (순수; Pure)
Taiwan Ed. CD-Extra Tracklist
  1. Yaksokhaettdeon Geuttee (Always There...) Music Video (약속했던 그때에; When We Promise)


Rising Sun is TVfXQ!'s second Korean studio album. It was released with a bonus track in Japan, with a CD-Extra including a music video in Taiwan and with two Chinese versions, a VCD and a different cover in Hong Kong. The album was #4 most successful album in 2005 for selling 222,472 copies. Rising Sun is the group less sold studio album with 297,000 copies.


TVXQ! promoting the album.

The year 2006 and 2007 were considered to be Korean music dark times in term of sales, with the highest selling album was sold not more than 200,000 copies. But, Rising Sun still managed to make it onto Yearly-end charts during those two years and was the highest selling "old" album in 2007.

Korean Top 100 Yearly Chart

Year Rank Sales
2005 4 222,472
2006 31 40,521
2007 67 12,445
  • Total Reported Sales: 297,000*

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