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Triangle (Dong Bang Shin Ki album)

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Korea/Japan Album Cover
Hong Kong Album Cover
Taiwan Album Cover
2004.10.13 (Korea)
2004.11.25 (Japan)
2006.06.14 (Hong Kong)
2007.05.31 (Taiwan)
Catalog Number
SM-099 (Korea)
RZCD-45160 (Japan)
¥2,375 (Japan)
  1. Mideoyo (믿어요; Believe)
  2. Thanks To
  3. TRI-ANGLE (Extended Version) (feat. BoA and The TRAX)
  4. Nae Yeojachinguga Doeeojeullae? (내 여자친구가 되어줄래?; Will You Be My Girlfriend?)
  5. Whatever They Say (A cappella)
  6. Million Men
  7. Jigeumcheoreom (지금처럼; Like Now)
  8. I Never Let Go
  9. Kkomaya (꼬마야; Hey, Kid)
  10. Neon Eonjena (넌 언제나; You Always)
  11. Hug
  12. My Little Princess (Itjanayo...) (있잖아요...; You Know...)
  13. The Way U Are
  14. TRI-ANGLE (Dong Bang Shin Ki Version)
  15. Hug (International Ver) Radio Edit (Japan Ed. Bonus Track)
  16. Mideoyo (Chinese Version) (믿어요; Believe) (Hong Kong Ed. Bonus Track)
  17. TRI-ANGLE (Chinese Version) (Hong Kong Ed. Bonus Track)
Hong Kong Ed. VCD Tracklist
  1. TRI-ANGLE Music Video
  2. My Little Princess (Itjanayo...) Music Video (있잖아요...; You Know...)
  3. The Way U Are Music Video
Taiwan Ed. CD-Extra Tracklist
  1. Mideoyo (Chinese Ver.) (믿어요; Believe)
  2. TRI-ANGLE (Chinese Ver.)
  3. My Little Princess (Itjanayo...) (Chinese Ver.) (있잖아요...; You Know...)
  4. The Way U Are (Chinese Ver.)
  5. Hug (Chinese Ver.)
  6. Hug Music Video
  7. My Little Princess (Itjanayo...) Music Video (있잖아요...; You Know...)
  8. TRI-ANGLE Music Video
  9. Mideoyo Music Video (믿어요; Believe)


TRI-ANGLE is TVfXQ!'s Korean debut album. It was released with a bonus track in Japan, with two Chinese versions and a VCD in Hong Kong and with a CD-Extra including music videos and Chinese versions in Taiwan. It was #8 most successful album of 2004 in Korea for selling 242,540 copies. Ultimately, it sold around 309,000 copies. In Japan, it reached #93 on Oricon charts and charted for 5 weeks.

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