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BoA promoting Stamp On It (2023)

BoA (보아) is a Korean pop singer under SM Entertainment. Her stage name made a backronym which is Beat of Angel. She made her Korean debut in 2000 with the album, ID; Peace B and was soon marketed as a "world" artist and she debuted in Japan. Her first Japanese pop album LISTEN TO MY HEART reached #1 on the Oricon charts and she became the first Korean artist to rank in Oricon's top twenty. BoA has since gone on to have multiple top-charting releases in both Korea and Japan. BoA has also started to learn English; in 2009 she released her debut English-language album, BoA, in the United States. Because of her huge success and achievements through-out Asia, she became No. 1 Female artist in Asia, and one of the leading and role model of new acts today. BoA has approximately sold more than 10,000,000 copies in both Japan and Korea.



BoA promoting the korean album "ID; Peace B" (2000)

BoA was discovered by Korean record label SM Entertainment while attending an audition for her brother at the age of 11. Impressed with the young girl's singing and dancing abilities, SM Entertainment quickly met with BoA's parents to work out a deal. In the beginning, her parents were strongly opposed to the idea, hoping that BoA would continue on in her education instead of turning to the entertainment business. Eventually BoA's parents agreed and she began her training.

SM Entertainment, aiming to make her an international superstar, focused first of teaching BoA foreign languages, hiring a private tutor to teach her English and Japanese. Trips to Japan to enhance her studies, as well as singing and dancing lessons soon followed.

Two years later, BoA released her first Korean album ID; Peace B. The album was a success, and SM Entertainment began to work on a deal with Japanese record label avex trax. After a Korean mini-album Jumping into the World and a few Japanese singles, BoA released her first Japanese album on March 13, 2002 called LISTEN TO MY HEART. It was an instant success, reaching #1 on the Oricon charts and selling over 932,000 copies total in Japan. On January 14, 2002, she released her second Korean album, NO. 1, which made a huge success to her Korean career reaching #1 position on the Korean Top 50 Monthly chart and sold more than 545,000 copies on that year making as her best-selling album in Korea.

BoA promoting "VALENTI" (2003)

More Japanese and Korean albums followed (VALENTI and LOVE & HONESTY in Japan and Atlantis Princess, My Name, and Girls On Top in Korea), each doing very well on the Oricon charts and Korean charts respectively. VALENTI become her best-selling album which sold more than 1,250,000 copies in Japan. On February 2, 2005, BoA's first Japanese best album was released, titled BEST OF SOUL, including all of her hit singles from "ID; Peace B" to "Meri Kuri". It reached #1 on the Oricon charts and went on to sell more than 1,089,000 copies in Japan.

On March 30 2005, BoA released her next single, "DO THE MOTION". It reached #1 spot on the Oricon charts making her first single to debut on the top of the charts. On February 16, 2006, she released her next Japanese album, OUTGROW. It reached #1 position on Oricon charts, but failed to achieve the amazing sales seen with VALENTI and LISTEN TO MY HEART. It sold more than 382,000 copies total in Japan. Since then, she stay focus on her Japanese career and didn't release any Korean albums. Her next two Japanese album, MADE IN TWENTY (20) and THE FACE, did well reaching #1 position on Oricon charts.

Since 2007, BoA has been preparing for her US debut. In October 2008, "Eat You Up", her first American release, ranked on the dance charts in preparation for her self-titled album, BoA. Released on March 17, 2009, the album has hit the top 20 on iTunes with the help of such producers as Sean Garrett, Brian Kennedy, and many others. On the next day, she release her second Japanese best album, BEST&USA, compiled together of her singles from "DO THE MOTION" to "Eien / UNIVERSE / Believe in LOVE" with her English debut album. On August 31, 2009, she released BoA Deluxe, a repackaged version of her debut English album. The album contained two new tracks and the radio edit version of "Energetic".


Jumping BoA fan club at various BoA events
  • Official Korean Fan Club: Jumping BoA
  • Official Japanese Fan Club: SOUL
  • Official Color: Pearl Yellow

Korean Discography

BoA promoting the korean album "Jumping into the World" (2001)
BoA promoting "LISTEN TO MY HEART" (2002)
BoA promoting "QUINCY / Kono Yo no Shirushi" (2004)
BoA promoting "BEST OF SOUL" (2005)
BoA promoting "KEY OF HEART / DOTCH" (2006)
BoA promoting "MADE IN TWENTY (20)" (2007)
BoA promoting "Vivid" (2008)
BoA promoting "Mamoritai ~White Wishes~" (2009)
BoA promoting "I SEE ME" (2010)
BoA promoting "Milestone" (2011)
BoA promoting "Only One" (2012)
BoA promoting "Message / Call my name" (2013)
BoA promoting "WHO'S BACK?" (2014)
BoA promoting Kiss My Lips (2015)
BoA promoting CAMO (2017)
BoA promoting WOMAN (2018)
BoA promoting "Suki da yo -MY LOVE- / AMOR" (2019)
BoA promoting BETTER (2020)


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  • [2003] First Live Tour 2003 ~Valenti~
  • [2004] Live Tour 2004 ~Love & Honesty~
  • [2005] Arena Tour 2005 ~Best of Soul~
  • [2006] Special Live "OUTGROW"
  • [2006] The Live "The Other Side of BoA... Listen"
  • [2006] X'mas LIVE "Winter Love"
  • [2007] Arena Tour 2007 ~Made in Twenty (20)~
  • [2007] The Live 2007 "X'mas"
  • [2008] Live Tour 2008 ~The Face~
  • [2009] The Live 2009 "X'mas"
  • [2010] Live Tour 2010 ~Identity~
  • [2010] The Live 2010 "X'mas"
  • [2011] The Live 2011 "X'mas" ~The 10th Anniversary Edition~
  • [2014] BoA Live Tour 2014 ~Who's Back?~
  • [2015] BoA Special Live: NOWNESS in Japan
  • [2017] The Live 2017 "Billboard Live"
  • [2018] The Live 2018 ~Unchained~
  • [2018] The Live 2018 "X'mas"
  • [2019] Live Tour 2019 ~#mood~


  • [2013] Special Live 2013 - Here I am
  • [2015] 2015 BoA Special Live NOWNESS
  • [2018] The Live 2018 "X'mas" in Seoul
  • [2019] Live Tour 2019 ~#mood~ in Seoul



  • [2006] Over the Hedge (as Heather) (Korean and Japanese voice)
  • [2012] I AM. (as Herself) (Documentary)
  • [2013] Make Your Move (as Aya) (American Movie)
  • [2014] Venus Talk (as Song Beom-sik) (Cameo)
  • [2014] Big Match (as Soo-kyung)
  • [2015] SMTOWN THE STAGE (as Herself) (Documentary)
  • [2016] Autumn Post Office (as Soo-ryun)



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  • [2012.04.01] Running Man - Episode 88
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  • [2012.07.14] KBS Road For Hope - India
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  • [2013.02.20] SBS Star Documentary: "K-Pop Hero BoA"
  • [2013.09.07] Infinite Challenge - Episode 346
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  • [2015.10.03] Hidden Singer Season 4 - Episode 1
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  • [2021] STREET WOMAN FIGHTER (Judge)




  • [2003.12.17] Naturelle


  • [2007.10.12] Calendar 2008
  • [2008.10.04] Calendar 2009


  • [2000.11.24] 2000 Mnet Music Video Festival: Best New Female Artist – "ID; Peace B"
  • [2000.12.13] KMTV Music Awards: Rookie of the Year
  • [2002] Japan Record Awards: Gold Prize – "Listen To My Heart"
  • [2002.11.29] 2002 Mnet Music Video Festival: Most Popular Music Video (Daesang) – "No.1", Best Dance Performance – "No.1"
  • [2002.11.30] All-Japan Request Awards: Gold Artist Award
  • [2002.12.06] 2002 Seoul Music Awards: Grand Prize (Daesang), Bonsang
  • [2002.xx.xx] SBS Gayo Daejeon: Grand Prize (Daesang), Bonsang
  • [2002.12.28] KMTV Music Awards: Bonsang, Mobile Music Award
  • [2002.xx.xx] MBC Gayo Daejejeon: Top 10 Singer
  • [2003] 17th Japan Gold Disc Awards: Rock & Pop Album of the Year – LISTEN TO MY HEART & VALENTI
  • [2003] Korea National Assembly Awards: Grand Prize
  • [2003.11.27] 2003 Mnet Music Video Festival: Best Dance Performance – "Atlantis Sonyeo (Atlantis Princess)"
  • [2003.09.06] 10th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: New Generation Singer Award
  • [2003.11.29] Best Hits Song Festival: Gold Artist Award
  • [2003.12.03] KMTV Music Awards: Special Honor, Bonsang
  • [2003.xx.xx] SBS Gayo Daejeon: Bonsang
  • [2003.xx.xx] MBC Gayo Daejejeon: Top 10 Singer
  • [2003.12.31] 45th Japan Record Awards: Gold Prize – "Double"
  • [2004.xx.xx] 11th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: New Generation Singer Award
  • [2004] 18th Japan Gold Disc Awards: Music Videos of The Year
  • [2004.02.14] MTV Asia Awards 2004: Favorite Korean Artist, Most Influential Artist
  • [2004.05.23] 2004 MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Dance Video – "Double"
  • [2004.11.27] Best Hits Song Festival: Gold Artist Award
  • [2004.12.04] 2004 Mnet KM Music Video Festival: Music Video of the Year (Daesang) – "My Name"
  • [2004.xx.xx] SBS Gayo Daejeon: Bonsang, Most Popular Artist
  • [2004.xx.xx] MBC Gayo Daejejeon: Top 10 Singer
  • [2004.12.31] 46th Japan Record Awards: Gold Prize – "Quincy"
  • [2005] 19th Japan Gold Disc Awards: Rock & Pop Album of the Year – LOVE & HONESTY
  • [2005.08.31] 2005 World Music Awards: Best-Selling Korean Artist
  • [2005.xx.xx] 12th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: Hallyu All-Star Award
  • [2005.11.21] Best Hits Song Festival: Gold Artist Award
  • [2005.11.27] 2005 Mnet KM Music Video Festival: Best Female Artist
  • [2005.xx.xx] SBS Gayo Daejeon: Bonsang
  • [2006] 20th Japan Gold Disc Awards: Rock & Pop Album of the Year – BEST OF SOUL
  • [2006.11.20] Best Hits Song Festival: Gold Artist Award
  • [2006.12.30] 48th Japan Record Awards: Gold Prize – "Winter Love"
  • [2007] Korea Culture and Arts Awards: Today's Young Artist Award – Popular Music
  • [2007.10.05] 14th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: Overseas Popularity Award
  • [2007.11.26] Best Hits Song Festival: Gold Artist Award
  • [2007.12.30] 49th Japan Record Awards: Gold Prize – "Love Letter"
  • [2008.11.12] 15th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: Overseas Popularity Award
  • [2010.01.31] 2009 Billboard Japan Music Awards: U.S. Billboard Publisher's Award
  • [2010.11.28] 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Female Artist
  • [2010.12.09] 25th Golden Disc Awards: Album Bonsang – Hurricane Venus
  • [2012.12.30] 2012 SBS Entertainment Awards: Special Award – KPOP STAR
  • [2013.10.02] 6th Korea Drama Awards: Best New Actress – Waiting for Love
  • [2013.12.31] 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Special – Waiting for Love
  • [2016.01.14] 2015 Seoul Music Awards: Record of the Year – Kiss My Lips
  • [2020.10.28] World Cultural Industry Forum Awards: Achievement Award
  • [2020.12.06] 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Inspired Achievement
  • [2023.01.19] 32nd Seoul Music Awards: Legend Artist

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