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Category:Japanese Fluent

People found in this category are not native speakers, but people who have learned and become completely fluent in the Japanese language.

Honorary Mentions

  • HIMEKA, a French Canadian-born singer who started her singing career on Youtube. She won the second Animax Anison Grand Prix and got a chance to make a major debut in Japan with Sony Music Japan International. She is currently learning Japanese.
  • Leah Dizon, an American-born model and former race queen whom became popular in extremly Japan for her work, so she started to learn Japanese. She is currently known for being a pop singer in Japan, but she is still not fluent in the language.
  • Chris Hart, an African American-born singer. He was crowned "the world's best foreign J-pop singer" in the Japanese competition show Nodojiman The! World in 2011. He became very popular in Japan for his perfect Japanese and covering famous songs.