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Girls on Top

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Album Cover
MOTO Repackage
Girls On Top
2005.06.24 (Korea)
2005.08.17 (Korea MOTO Repackage)
2005.08.17 (Hong Kong)
2005.08.19 (Taiwan)
2005.09.09 (Taiwan MOTO Repackage)
2005.09.14 (Hong Kong MOTO Repackage)
2008.03.26 (Japan)
Catalog Number
SMCD-110 (Korean Release)
AVCD-23561/B (Japanese Release)
¥3,675 (Japanese Release)
  1. MOTO
  2. Do You Love Me? (Duli Hamkke) (둘이함께)
  3. Girls On Top
  4. Oneul Geutael Bondamyeon (If You Were Here) (오늘 그댈 본다면)
  5. Love Can Make A Miracle
  6. Addiction (Jipchak) (집착)
  7. Freak In Me
  8. Gongjung Jeongweon (Garden In The Air) (공중정원)
  9. I Spy
  10. Can't Let Go
  11. Heroine (Siseon) (시선)
  12. Sum.. (Breathe Again) (숨...)
  13. Gaeulpyeonji (가을편지; Autumn Letter)
  14. Girls On Top (Chinese ver.) (Chinese Release)
VCD Tracklist (Chinese Release MOTO Repackage)
  1. Girls On Top (MV)
  2. MOTO (MV)
  3. Making of
DVD Tracklist (Japanese Release)
  1. MOTO (Music Clip)
  2. Girls On Top (Music Clip)


Girls On Top is BoA's fifth Korean album. A couple months after the album was released, it was re-issued with a slipcase.

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